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30 Oct 2016

Happy Diwali

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Happy Diwali to all who are celebrating. This Diwali, go green. Avoid fireworks, save nature. If you are going for the whole works, please stay safe.screenshot_2016-10-30-00-59-06-1

28 Oct 2016

THE TALE OF Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo

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Finally! 4 hours later, very engrossed and contented Mrs Dev has finished ‘The Tale of Despereaux’ By Kate Di Camillo. 2 words- Simply brilliant. I hugely enjoyed reading this book and so much so that I instantly purchased the movie on Amazon to view it as soon as the book finished. Strangely, didn’t enjoy it as much as the book though.
This story is about a mouse who admires a princess, about a rat and some soup, a serving girl with the dream of becoming a princess one day and a spool of red thread. I have to say the Kate DiCamillo has definitely gone up into my top 5 writers list now. Nothing like a great book with a greater ending. Enjoy! ZPD level: 4.7. Available to read in Mrs Dev’s restricted section of the library. 20161028_205151

27 Oct 2016

The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K.Rowling

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BOOK 4- The Tales of Beedle the Bard By J.K.Rowling. ZPD level- 8.3. Time taken to read- 2 and a quarter hours. This book is part of The Hogwarts Classics set. These books take you back into long long long time ago and tells tales of wizards and  witches (and some muggles) centuries ago. Set in time way before Hogwarts and perhaps even before Dumbledore. A must read for all Harry Potter fans.  Once you have finished the Harry Potter series, this has to be next on your list… especially the chapter on Babbity Rabbity and her cackling stump.

Alright then! I am off to read my fifth one- Qudditch through the ages.20161027_104102

25 Oct 2016

The Tiger Rising By Kate Di Camillo

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24 Oct 2016

‘How to eat fried worms’ By: Thomas Rockwell

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Book 2: FINISHED. Put your hands up if you are on your second book 2. High five to all you wizards reading away during holiday to maximise fun.

So, How to eat fried worms, By Thomas Rockwell.  ZpD: 3.4. Time taken: 1 hour and 10 minutes.  This book is about a boy named Billy who gets dared by his friend to eat 15 worms in 15 days. He can fry them, boil them, marinate them… eat them however he likes. Will he succeed? Will he manage to eat 15 worms in 15 days? Will he win the bet and earn 50 dollars? Read this book to find out more. 1477295017063

23 Oct 2016

My brother is a Superhero by David Solomons

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Just finished reading my first book for this half-term. AR LEVEL 5.4. Time it took to read- about 7 hours. This book is about a boy named Luke, who is obsessed with superheroes.  As it happens,  his brother is granted superhero powers while Like goes inside the house for just a minute to wee. This story is how Luke helps his ‘superhero brother’ save two worlds from the Nemesis.  Who is Nemesis you ask? Hmm… Read for yourself. Feel free to borrow this book after half term holidays.  Excellent book to read especially if yoy are obsessed with superheroes. I love superheroes and therefore this book really appealed to me.  Give it a try!

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26 Sep 2016


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In computing, we are learning about sequencing music and patterns. We learnt how to use Isle of Tune to create sequence of music. Parents, remember that Isle of tune is free to use on PC. Please encourage your child to have a go and create their own sequence of music.

19 Sep 2016

SF Said Blog About Springwell

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Click here for SF Said’s blog post about his visit to Springwell. If you have any questions for him you can post them as a comment directly on his blog.

14 Sep 2016


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Hello Oak,

Here is a link for our poem that we will be performing on Friday. Make sure you guys memorize your parts.



Tippi can’t stand clowns.
Dragon is terrified of cockroaches
and Mom of mice.
Dad pretends to be fearless,
though I’ve seen him flinch when the mail arrives
seen him hide
hospital bills and parking tickets under
stacks under junk mail and old newspapers
in the hall.

It’s eyes I despise
and the probability that I’m
another person’s nightmare.

So when Yasmeen opens the door to our homeroom
and every head

I grab Tippi’s right wrist
like I always do when
I’m afraid.

‘Welcome! Welcome to Hornbeacon!’ the teacher
doing everything she can to sound natural.

Yasmeen groans, leads us to some seats at the back.
And the whole way there we are
followed by a field of open mouths,
thirty pairs of bugging-out eyes,
and one hundred percent pure

6 Sep 2016


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