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23 Oct 2016

My brother is a Superhero by David Solomons

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Just finished reading my first book for this half-term. AR LEVEL 5.4. Time it took to read- about 7 hours. This book is about a boy named Luke, who is obsessed with superheroes.  As it happens,  his brother is granted superhero powers while Like goes inside the house for just a minute to wee. This story is how Luke helps his ‘superhero brother’ save two worlds from the Nemesis.  Who is Nemesis you ask? Hmm… Read for yourself. Feel free to borrow this book after half term holidays.  Excellent book to read especially if yoy are obsessed with superheroes. I love superheroes and therefore this book really appealed to me.  Give it a try!

  • Mrs Dev


2 Responses to “My brother is a Superhero by David Solomons”

  1. 18Riyah Says:

    Sounds like a good book, Mrs Dev. I think I’ll read it, seeing as it is in my AR LEVEL.

    • mrsdev Says:

      Yes, Riyah! You will love it. It is a superhero adventure story. And guess what? It has a sequel. I knomw you love sequels, so this book is for you.

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